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Imagining Mina is a multi-layerd, story-driven biography. It's the the result of five years of research and journalistic investigation. Based on dozens of interviews, mostly first-hand accounts, and rare archival materials, the film recreates the era in which Mauro Mina lived, the  obstacles  he encountered, including racism, and the inner workings of the 1960s boxing business.

Mauro Mina was born in a rural African-Peruvian community. He was a child worker in the town of Chincha and struggled as a young man in Lima before becoming a professional boxer. As his career and fame progressed, he became the toast of the city, the hope of Peru and a national symbol in a fragmented society.

On the verge of becoming the first world boxing champion from Peru, a category then dominated by U.S. based pugilists, some of the same forces that had propelled him to the top would conspire against him.

The film also includes segments on legendary U.S. boxers -the ''Yanquis'', as they were known- who flew to Peru to face Mina. They comprise just one of the many chapters in this fascinating documentary about South American, Afro-Peruvian and boxing history.